Artist Inspired Zedalas® Class


Tuesday, July 30

10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Quilts & Things Shop, 16985 Monterey Street, #316

Morgan Hill, California

Klimt Flyer.png

Join CZT Nancy for this special class!

The Artist Inspired Zendalas class will guide you in new directions as you create Zentangle artwork inspired by artists.

While attending the ZenAgain conference and CZT reunion in 2018, Zentangle founders encouraged attendees to use artists as inspiration for creating Zentangle art.

With artist Keith Haring as inspiration, students will use white ink pens to create patterns and designs on a black Zendala .

Students will also tangle a white Zendala with gold and black ink pens as well as special art pencils to add color to their and patterns. This Zendala is inspired by artist Gustav Klimt.

This two hour class is open to experienced Zentangle students only.

What to Bring: General’s Pastel Chalk (TM) pencils or any color pencils, a black ink Sakura Micron 01 pen and a Sakura gold Gelly Roll (TM) pen.

Class Fee: $ 45

Please contact me to be added to the wait list.

Thank you