ZENTANGLE® CLASS at your workplace




Share Zentangle® with your co-workers!


Participants will enjoy a meditative, calming art form

that enhances creativity and increases focus.  



Zentangle has benefits including lowering stress, 

allowing focus on the moment and encouraging right brain activity

all while producing a work of art.


Zentangle is easy to learn and prior artistic experience isn't required.


Certified Zentangle Teacher Nancy Domnauer

will lead your group through a 60 or 90 minute class at your workplace.  

Let's design a class for your corporate event. 




Try Zentangle and enjoy this appealing and calming art form

that unlocks your creative potential and serves as a way to practice mindfulness.  


Please email: nancy@linedotcalm.com

for more information or to schedule a free preview.


Feedback from Participants:

"I love Zentangle and having the opportunity to Zentangle with Nancy in the middle of my work day was fabulous!  What a great way to spend the lunch hour."


"You don't know how much I needed exactly what you provided in class.  I am trying very hard to simplify my life, and your words resonated with other Zen teachings I've been getting lately.  Mindful.  Aware.  Present.  These are concepts I am working to embrace.  I walked away from class yesterday feeling accomplished and peaceful.  I kept thinking, 'I did art and it wasn't awful!'.  Thank you for taking the time to teach us."


"I'm so glad to have discovered Zentangle. We adults are so concerned with doing things 'right'. I love that Zentangle reconnects me with the uninhibited joy I felt as a child while creating art. And Nancy is such a kind and encouraging teacher. Thanks again!"