A little Bit about Me

Nancy Domnauer


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Discovering Zentangle has been an amazing experience for me!
In July 2013 I took an introduction class and was immediately hooked!  

Between the simplicity of the art form, its philosophy and the relaxation that I experienced, I knew I found something special.  

Since I'm a teacher, I knew I could share this with others.  Within a few days I was teaching my friends and family and within a few weeks I taught my first class!

Since that time I've taught over 750 people - from children to teens, adults and seniors.  Zentangle appeals to a wide variety of people.  I formed a Tangle Club in my hometown of Morgan Hill, California.  I also helped organize a team of forty-five Zentangle artists for a Zentangle art installation in our downtown. 

I approach Zentangle as a practice.  This means that I like to draw almost every day and I use the philosophy in my life.  I read books and magazines, visit websites, follow blogs, experiment with my drawings and discuss the Zentangle art form with fellow tanglers and CZT colleagues.  This routine helps me continue to develop and grow as a teacher and an artist.  

I especially enjoy tinkering in my art room where I apply Zentangle techniques in making arts and crafts.  I love sharing my discoveries with students in my Zentangle classes and with artists in our Tangle Club meetings.

Please remember, Zentangle is for comfort & enjoyment not comparison and competition.  Our lives, and our art, are meant to be enjoyed and are not a competition.  Notice how tree roots and the natural world work in cooperation not competition. Cooperation is how we grow.  



Attending the Certified Zentangle Seminar in Providence, Rhode Island in April 2015 was an incredible experience.  Learning about The Zentangle Method from Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, the founders of Zentangle, was inspiring.




 In November 2016, I participated in ZenAgain, a reunion and seminar for CZTs.  This seminar in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island was truly remarkable.  Developing and gaining insight from the founders of Zentangle while surrounded with creative, artistic and talented CZTs affirmed my passion for teaching Zentangle. 




In the autumn of 2017, the Zentangle founders were in California and I attended their Zentangle Beyond Basics program at 1440 Multiversity in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains.




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In April 2018, I attended Tangle U, a CZT continuing education conference in Portland, Oregon.  Again, learning from talented Certified Zentangle Teachers and meeting with CZT colleagues was an enriching experience.


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 In the autumn of 2018, I participated in ZenAgain, the second ever reunion for Certified Zentangle Teachers.  Imagine attending an event with like-minded Zentangle teachers and artists while being hosted and taught by Zentangle founders. That’s ZenAgain!

The conference was held in scenic Rhode Island and it was such an incredible experience.  Meeting with new and continuing CZT friends and colleagues, learning from the founders and experiencing a week of New England life, was so special. Realizing the significance of the art form and special community was one of the highlights. I’m grateful to be part of this group of CZTs.

I'm pleased to be a Certified Zentangle® Teacher and I look forward to sharing this art form with you.  ~ Nancy

Email:  nancy@linedotcalm.com