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Classes with Nancy Domnauer


Please contact me if you’d like to take any of these classes.

email: nancy@linedotcalm.com

~ Welcome to my Course Catalog Page ~

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  • Introduction to Zentangle

  • Zentangle Beyond Basics

  • Zentangle Recipes: Combining Patterns for Deliciously Tangled Tiles

  • Zentangle Shading Techniques

  • Zentangle Tan Renaissance Tiles

  • Zentangle Black Tiles

  • Introduction to Zendala Circular Tiles

  • Introduction to 3Z Triangle Tiles

  • Zentangle Reticula & Fragments

  • Zentangle Primer Book Overview

  • Zentangle & Gemstones

  • Morphing & Connecting Tangles

  • Borders & Bijou Tiles

  • Tandem Tiles

  • Tangle a Fabric Tote Bag with Colors

  • Tangle a Canvas Pencil Pouch

  • Create a Swatch of Patterns Workshop

  • StitchTangle: Sewing a String with Thread (Nancy original)

  • WashiTangle: Washi Tape as a String (Nancy original)

  • GelliTangle: Gelli Plate Printmaking with Tangling (Nancy original)

  • Live Online Classes

  • Corporate or Team Building Workshops

  • Private Lessons

  • Design Your Own Class

Please visit the Current Classes & Events page for upcoming classes.

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